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Amsterdam girls

The Red Light District in Amsterdam is famous for the many Amsterdam girls behind red lid windows. It is unique for Amsterdam and many visitors look at it in amazement.

Because of the tolerant attitude towards prostitution (it's legal), girls from many countries come to work here in clubs and behind the red lit windows.

The Red Light District is a safe environment for the girls as well as the clients and although this area also attracks criminal elements, much is done to keep these people out of the red light district.

As the main tourist attraction of Amsterdam the city has a big interest in keeping the red light area safe and attractive to tourists. Girls in the red light district is big business and brings in a lot of money.

Red Light District Information Center

Red Light District Information Center The Red Light District is visited by more than 4 million visitors each year who are curious to know what goes on behind the closed curtains. So an information center was set up to inform people about the "business". The people at the information center have extensive knowledge about the area and everything concerning the girls working in this district. They are able to answer all you questions and you don't have to be shy to ask.

For people who rather look at it from a distance, this information center offers a peek into a room, used by the girls with an explanation of how they work, how much it cost etc.

This center is operated by volunteers and their costs are covered by donations from visitors. The Information Center also offers a one-and-a-half hour program for groups (€7,50 pp) where all your questions will be answered. And in the shop you can find art from local artists and other items with the Red Light District as a common denominator.

Opening times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from noon till 7pm.
The address: De Enge Kerksteeg 3 (just around the corner from the Old Church)
For special arrangements call: +31 20 420 73 28